New campervan hirers might be nervous to undertake such an adventure, especially if they’re mostly clueless about how vans work. If this sounds like you, don’t worry! Everyone was a newbie once, and our campervans are suitable for even the most inexperienced campers. This blog post will tell you all about what comes as standard in our campervans, what doesn’t, and more! 

What's included when you hire a campervan 

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What's not included 

You’ll need to bring along your food (or take a shopping trip as soon as you get the van), although we do provide tea, coffee, and sugar so you can make a brew as soon as you like. Bedding is also not included – we’ll let you decide on whether you’d like to bring a sleeping bag or a duvet! 
If you’re taking your dog with you, be aware that you will need to bring all of their things – a crate, lead, food bowl & food and so on. Don’t forget the dog poo bags! 
You’ll also need to take your own toiletries – obvious, we know, but worth bringing up. Remember to refer to our packing list if there’s something we haven’t mentioned here that you’re wondering about! 

Ease and convenience 

All our vans are very easy to drive, even if you’ve never driven a van before. Their short wheelbase allows them to fit into normal parking spaces and have a good turning circle – we’ve seen customers show up to the handover with cars bigger than the campers! 
Our vans won’t accelerate like a sports car – campervans are quite heavy! - but you won’t be getting overtaken by everyone and their nan on the motorway either. The vans were manufactured recently, so you benefit from the newest modern technology there is to offer! 
The nature of campervans means you can get much closer to things than usual – like parking up on the promenade for a bit of coastal stealth camping! Waking up all cosy in your bed and eating breakfast with the door open, facing the ocean, is an amazing feeling – one that you wouldn’t get if you just opened a window in a beachfront hotel room. A campervan is a more real, raw experience, and although you work a bit harder for those magical moments it only makes them sweeter. 
Whether you’re exploring a country lane in Cornwall or gallivanting up a mountain in Wales, we know that you’ll be having the time of your life. You are safe to expect to have buckets of fun on your CamperHoliday adventure! 
Remember that our email inbox is always open if you need any advice or questions answered. Nothing is too big or small for us to try and help you with! 
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