Looking for an adventure of a lifetime? Look no further than a long term camper van rental from CamperHoliday.   Be it a retirement kick start, a honeymoon to never forget or a step towards a whole new lifestyle, a long term campervan hire is an experience like no other. 

We offer the following discounts for low and mid season, long term bookings: 
10% on bookings of two weeks or more 
15% on bookings of three weeks or more 
20% on bookings of four weeks or more 
Please contact us before booking in excess of 2 weeks for discounts to be applied 

What's included in our  long term campervan hire  

So. The practical stuff first: what's included in monthly hire so you can understand what your options are: 
Fully Comprehensive Insurance and roadside recovery across Europe 
Post Brexit the paperwork you need to travel is constantly changing - we'll help ensure you've got it all in place before you travel. 
Generous 200 miles/day allowance. So, we've done the maths. A return trip to the South of Spain, South of Sweden or Venice is about 2500 miles - 13 days mileage allowance. You can get a long way on 200 miles a day! Courchevel is a mere 1800 mile round trip for those of you looking for a cheaper to ski! 
We are dog friendly, and there is no additional dog charge. 
Hot or cold we send you prepared - for colder nights all the vans are equipped with a diesel night heater and for sunnier days there is a sun canopy that extends from the side of the vans. 
We include all the crockery you could possibly need and can help advise on packing it efficiently. 
Outdoor table and chairs 
TV with inbuilt DVD player 
Indoor and outdoor games are included in all our hires: dominoes, cards, yahtzee, boggle, giant jenga, boules and croquet but we advise you rationalise them on a long haul trip. 
Electric Hook Up Cable with adaptors for Europe. 
Panoramic Pop Top (Fred & Pebbles) to give you height advantage for some of the best views and best photos. 
Free car parking to leave your own vehicle with us whilst you are away. 
We tell our customers the only thing they need to take is bedding, towels and clothing, we really do mean it, and they all come back telling us that they took far too much because we equip the vans so well. Take a look at our blog on how to pack the camper way to make your trip as easy as possible. 
Our campervan holiday FAQ page also answers a lot of frequently asked questions, do check it out or contact us. 

Optional Extras to help create space 

Tow bar mounted bike rack 
Tow bar mounted storage box 

Where to go on a  monthly campervan hire 

With CamperHoliday mileage limitations are not something to worry about so the only question is 'where are we going?' 
We are happy to help with route planning for the adventurers amongst you, the truth is you'll have as much fun planning your routes and travelling them. Our top tip is to not rush it, to set aside some regular evening and weekend times with a homemade chilli and a bottle of wine to agree what you want your experience to include. 
Buy a map, stick it to the wall or a cork board and use coloured pins to highlight the things you really want to see or do: castles and monuments, wine tours, mountain summits, rivers to kayak, beaches to rest on....the only right answer is what you want to do. Put some flags on to indicate how long you'll need to spend in each location to do the things that you want to do. 
If it's in budget, include some treats. Perhaps a night in a room with a view, a few days ski-ing or some R&R days in a spa......these can be surprisingly cheap in some parts of Europe. 
Or for something extraordinary, consider spending some time tracing the stories of your fallen war relatives with Sophie at Sophie's Great War Tours. Sophie will help you find not just where they are remembered but where and how they landed, where they fought and then on to their final memorial.  
By the time you've pinpointed all these things on a map a route will naturally start to emerge and then you can start to hit google and find out what other things you are driving past along the way. 
I haven't been everywhere, 
but it's on my list. 
VW camper for hire UK

What to take on a long term hire 

Pack, then halve it, then halve it again! 
The lighter you travel, the more enjoyable your trip and this is a real opportunity to help you understand just how little you need to be happy and fulfilled.  
The essentials take up very little space in the van 
passport, travel and insurance documents for all passengers including the dog! 
vehicle travel documents - we'll help you with this. 
driving license 
medical records which may be as simple as vaccination information or other important information which is set out in a manner that any doctor of any language can understand. Humans and pawfriends all need this! 
medication for all, including prescriptions or a list of all your medications in case your supply is lost or stolen. 
emergency contact file that could be kept in your phone or in paper form in the glove compartment. 
a copy of your itinerary including details of ferry tickets, hotel bookings etc. 
consider leaving copies of some of the above with us so that we can help if needed. 
road side safety equipment - a requirement of law in many European countries and again, we'll help you with this. 
Payment cards - keep a spare card tucked away in a safe place (we have a few suggestions but they'd be less safe if we put them on here!) 
Mobile phone and tablet plus chargers and charging packs.  
Travel journal - either on your phone or a physical version.  
Books - consider the e-book option 
One re-fillable water bottle per traveller.......including the pup! Try to fill them at every opportunity. 
A small day ruck sack per passenger, except the dog on this occasion. 
A torch 
If taking a toilet on board its worth starting with a supply of chemicals for it. 
Batteries - a mixed box of spare batteries to fit anything from hearing aids, to torches to smoke detectors. 
Washing line 
Sun cream, sun hat, waterproof poncho and insect repellent  
Things for comfort and fun 
camping chairs 
easy dry towels 
pillows, including a travel pillow 
easy dry blanket 
campfire/bbq kit 
plastic boxes instead of suitcases - check out our most read blog! You can also use the plastic box of dirty clothes as a washing machine! 
The rest is baggage as they say 
Clothes can be washed, try to pack things that don't need ironing or are designed to look creased 
Clothes will be bought as souvenirs 
Shoes, when travelling, should only be practical. 
Life is a one time offer, 
use it well. 
VW camper for hire UK

And don't forget...... Here in the UK it needs a long term hire to cover all of our shores 

There are a wealth of different estimates that tell you how many miles you'd need to cover to drive the entire perimeter of the UK ranging from 6700 miles to 17500 miles if you include all the islands too! 
At 200 miles a day that's 34 days to do the short route and we think you'll be totally amazed at just what the UK has to offer.  
With a rich history, beautiful shorelines, National Parks and more than 50 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty we defy anybody to not be blown away by what the UK has to offer - there's a reason that tourists from around the world have flocked to the UK in their millions each year. 
Sign up to an English Heritage or National Trust Membership and you instantly have 100s of free things to do on your travels too! 
So if your own health concerns, being distant from an elderly relative or uncertain times are getting in the way of adventure then start from your doorstep and plan a UK route instead. The same fun goes into the planning and the memories will be just as precious. 
Adventure is a state of mind, 
nurture the mind it will find a feast. 
VW camper for hire UK
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