Campervan packing

Campervan packing the CamperHoliday way 

We find it much easier to pack in plastic boxes when we go campervanning! 
Now we know when you normally go on holiday you think wheelie bags and suitcases but this isn't just a holiday, this is a CamperHoliday!  
Here's a list of why we think plastic boxes are the future for campervan packing 
1) They keep your clothes dry.  
We've all been there, the favourite comforter has gone down the side of the car seat, in a space that suggests that it's been pushed down with a wooden spoon. The only way to reach the comforter is to unpack the whole car but this is a crisis situation.....despite the fact it's pouring down with rain.  
Pulling the boxes out of the car and standing them rain means the contents stay completely dry! 
2) They stack and fit beautifully.  
A camper isn't like a car, it's much boxier and squarer so boxes make good use of the space inside. 
And when you arrive, if you've got the drive away awning or the inflatable tent then all those boxes can be stacked on top of each other in the awning or tent taking up the smallest amount of footprint. 
3) They double up as handy seats and worktops, even bedside tables! 
Which means you don't have to pack as many chairs. 
4) They are great for storing clothes that have got wet and dirty. 
So whilst you might have set out with a box for Ted, one for Amy and 2 more for mum and dad, you'll be going home with the boxes split between clean and dirty. Keeps any smells in, and saves sorting the washing when you get home. For the super organised amonst you, split the whites from the darks as you go! 
5) It's easier to find what you are looking for when you can see through the sides 
So clothes get less creased because you've been ruffling around in a bag looking for them. Though, to be honest, I don't mind a few creases and better idea still is to buy things that just don't crease. But it's handy to be able to pick the box up and find what I'm looking for through the sides. 
Trust us, it's the future! 
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