Are you ready to spend autumn in the UK? Why not hire a campervan and spend some time roaming some of the UK’s most scenic destinations? Autumn in the UK brings that magical crispness in the air—perfect for donning your cosiest sweater, snuggling up with a warm cuppa, and feeling like you're in your own personal fairytale as you experience the colourful changing landscapes. 
Now, we know what you're thinking, "Why autumn? Isn't that when the leaves fall off, and it gets all chilly?" But hold your pumpkin-spiced lattes because here are seven fantastic reasons why this season is the absolute BOMB for a campervan escapade! 👇 
Do you fancy a kaleidoscope of fiery reds, vibrant oranges, and golden yellows decorating the countryside like Mother Nature's own art exhibition? Autumn brings a breathtaking backdrop to your journey, making every drive a postcard-worthy experience. If you're lucky, you might even catch a leaf doing a slow-motion somersault into your morning coffee! When you hire a campervan where you go is completely at your fingertips so you can soak up as many destinations as you’d like. 
As the temperatures dip, there's nothing more comforting than gathering 'round a crackling campfire with marshmallows on sticks and friends sharing tall tales. It's like a warm hug from nature herself, and s’more than you could have asked for! Not to mention, with the longer nights there’s more opportunity for star-gazing under mesmerising skies away from the city lights. 
Okay, brace yourself for this one, because autumn in the UK is mind-blowingly awesome! Think pumpkin festivals, cider tasting, Halloween events and celebrations, and bonfire nights that light up the skies. And let's not forget about the harvest fairs—where you can stuff your face with delicious local goodies like there's no tomorrow. Just remember to save some for the road! 
In autumn, the crowds disperse like your snacks on a road trip with friends (yeah, they mysteriously disappear!). Hiring a campervan at this time is a good idea because everyone's busy back-to-school or getting ready for hibernation, so there will be less getting stuck in traffic and more “wind in your hair” moments! Embrace the peace and tranquillity as you explore hidden gems without the hustle and bustle. It's like you've got the whole world to yourself! 
Autumn is all about getting snug and comfortable, and what's cosier than a campervan? Our campervans are equipped with heating systems to keep you warm during the chilly nights. You can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while knowing that a cosy haven awaits you inside your mobile home on wheels. 
When you hire a campervan in Autumn, you have a unique opportunity to witness the fascinating behaviours of the UK’s local wildlife. Keep an eye out for squirrels busily gathering acorns, badgers preparing their winter dens and owls hooting in the cool evening air. It's like a wildlife documentary playing out right outside your campervan window! 
Plus, wouldn’t it be great to have an adventure to look forward to as the earlier nights slowly draw in? 
If you hire a campervan with CamperHoliday, you have the option to book in advance and pay in instalments over a few months. This means you'll have more quids for fun, food, and funky souvenirs! Now, that's smart budgeting—your bank account will be as happy as you after a plate of warm pie! 
So, head off in our comfy and cosy Fred, Wilma or Pebbles for a journey filled with laughter, picturesque moments and memories that'll warm your heart all winter long. Book your autumn escapade now and let's make this the season to remember! 
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