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.....and make your mind up as you go! 

Looking to make sure you can definitely go on holiday in 2020? With a CamperHoliday you have the freedom to choose where you go, choose to go where the covid risk is lowest. 
This isn't a debate about whether you think covid is a hoax, it's a a conscious decision about how you limit the impact the situation on your life.  
It's about positively determining that you are going to go on an adventure, on a truly unique holiday that most people don't have the nerve to do and doing it with confidence. 
By choosing where you go you create the following benefits 
- you lower your risk of catching the disease  
- you lower your risk of spreading the disease, potentially across borders 
- you limit the risk of you having to go into quarantine when you return home 
- you are much more likely to receive a warm welcome when you arrive at your destination. 
Here are our tips for doing this well, and doing it confidently. Basically they're tips for having a damn good time and not having to cancel yout holiday. 
1) Use reputable sources of information to know the covid risk.  
Facebook, Twitter, Insta.....all out. Need we say more? 
Slightly more controversially, we'd not even consider the BBC a reliable source of information....sorry! 
Try the foreign office. Even if you are anti-government it will give you a real feel for all risks there, remember, covid may be driving up militancy not just disease! 
Definintely look at WHO data and scientific data because that's what governments are using to make their decisions. 
2) Look at the trends.  
The risk may be considered low today, but the real litmus test is whether or not the risk is increasing. If covid-19 infections are going up at your first choice destination and there are no measures in place to block tourism, no localised lockdowns, the likelihood is that it'll keep going up.  
It doesn't matter if you don't believe any of it, the UK government does, and so they'll impose a 14 day isolation period on your return from a country where the risk has continued to rise.  
If you want to avoid a 14 day quarattine, you don't need to be like the government, you just need to predict the government and that's pretty easy now we have the Spanish example. 
3) Don't get emotionally attached to the destination. 
The joy of campervanning is the journey. It's the fresh air, it's slowing down, it's feeling the ground beneath your feet and getting grounded. 
Truth is your selfies will look amazing because you are having a great time in a location that's welcomed you and in which you feel safe.  
The only reason you need to plan much in advance is if you are travelling in peak season and the camp sites are likely to be full. 
4) Plan multiple routes or destinations. 
Why not.....spoil yourself for you choice! That way if you need to change your plans then you are equally excited about wherever you end up. 
And, we think it goes without saying, you can always do the other routes next time! 
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