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Top campervan honeymoon tips: Hiring, funding and the best destinations 

What was once an unshakeable honeymoon plan in 2019 is, two years on, an optimistic dream written in pencil. Countless couples are reluctant to book honeymoons abroad for fear that they’ll be cancelled again. Or one of the many who had to dip into savings to stay afloat during 2020, finding themselves having to amend holiday plans because their budget is far tighter today than when the trip was booked.  
Maybe you and your partner can’t bear leaving your dog at home but can’t find many dog-friendly ‘honeymoon’ hotels, or you’re far too adventurous to spend your honeymoon in a single location. 
CamperHoliday can help you plan a campervan adventure that stays in the UK, offer tons of outdoor activities - where social distancing can be more readily accommodated - and a flexible itinerary that you can adjust it to fit your comfort zone. And that's the key - with a campervan honeymoon you can be flexible so you could decide, at pretty much the last minute, to take off into Europe instead! 
This blog post answers some questions you might have about the pros, cons and overall logistics of a campervan honeymoon.  

What are the best destinations for a campervan honeymoon? 

The Scottish Highlands' stunning landscapes makes the North Coast 500 a popular honeymoon destination. Travel all the way up to John O'Groates then make your way back down, with endless natural beauty along the way. 
Or if watersports are more your thing then our Devon and Cornwall or Wales routes may be more up your street. 
We even have themed routes that are perfect for grabbing some film famous selfies: we have a James Bond route as well as a Harry Potter route. 

Can I explore at my own pace? 

How much you enjoy your honeymoon relies on whether the trip is suited to you or not. Some people get restless staying in a fixed location, wanting to get out there and explore!  
Others feel overwhelmed at the idea of being on the move all the time - which isn't necessary at all. Find a campsite with dreamy views and just stay put and gets cosy around a campfire each night! 
And for those of you who can't bear to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, who love all there is to see and do in a busy city you'll be surprised how many campsites there are in and around the UK's major cities. 
Everyone is different - it's important to tailor your trip to your needs (and wants!) A campervan road trip allows you to set the pace, whether you’re a homebody or hungry to explore. And that's where CamperHoliday comes in - if you'd like to book a zoom appointment to talk to us about what you'd like to do, to pick our brains so you can plan your own route or if you'd like us to plan it for you then click here and choose an appointment that suits you. 

Can I take my dog with me? 

CamperHoliday is proud to have dog friendly campervans – in fact, we have a blog post on how to keep your dog safe while you travel. Also, our packing list tells you everything you’ll need to bring with you to keep them safe and comfortable. You’ll be glad to bring your pet, even if half your serious, romantic honeymoon photos are unusable because they’ve photobombed them! 

What activities are available? 

Outdoorsy couples will be thrilled to find no shortage of hiking, biking, kayaking, scrambling, climbing, and sailing activities at their destination no matter where they go all around the UK. Not every day will be high-energy adventure, so we've also recommended more mellow activities like sightseeing castles, exploring gardens, dolphin spotting on an expert guided boat tour, or going to the beach for a picnic lunch. 
We’ve barely scratched the surface of what you can get up to on a CamperHoliday road trip – for more information, check out the Roadtrip Planner. And if you have any special interests then just let us know when you book in to talk to us. 

Is there luxury in a campervan? 

Just because you’re staying in a campervan, it doesn’t always mean giving up luxury entirely.  
Our vans are modern and with every detail attended but for our honeymoon routes we've gone a step further and included a couple of nights in high-class hotels, so you can have the best of both worlds between fancy accommodation and outdoor adventure! You could spend a day getting pampered at a spa or get dressed up to go out for dinner! 
If you let us know in advance, we can even arrange to have a bottle of champagne waiting for you when you arrive at a campsite. You and your partner can enjoy a glass of chilled champagne under the stars. If you drive the North Coast 500 route from September to mid-April, you might be lucky enough to share a bottle under the Northern Lights! The staff at our recommended campsites are lovely, and they’re dedicated to giving you an unforgettable stay (if the incredible views haven’t done that already!) 
We hope your questions about honeymooning in a campervan have been answered, but if you need to ask anything don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing or commenting below! Find our routes here. Happy campervanning! 

How much does it cost to hire a campervan and can we pay in installments? 

Well there's all kinds of variables that influence how much it costs like how long you go for, what time of year you go. We've a whole separate blog on this subject here, and we could go on and on but we do have a couple of solutions for you. 
1) We are happy to set up an installment scheme with you to pay for the vehicle hire. 
2) We also offer gift vouchers so it would be easy for you to ask your wedding guests to buy vouchers for you - we can set a limit on it too so you don't end up with too many CamperHoliday vouchers! 
3) We can help you mock up a really detailed budget as part of our honeymoon planning service - just book an appointment to talk to us here and we can tell you more about this. 
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