All about our brand-new camper van hire payment plans - What it does, how it works, and how you can use it! 
We’re excited to announce that from 2023, we’re introducing an easier way to pay with payment plans! 
But how does it make your holiday easier? Well, they’re more convenient than one-time payment because you don’t need to fork out a large sum all at once, which makes all the difference for those on tight budgets this year who can’t afford that much in one go. 
To help you decide whether it’s for you, we’ve created a basic guide on what payment plans are, who benefits from them, and how they work. 

What is a payment plan? 

Payment plans let you pay for something gradually over a set period of time. It’s a different method of payment that can be used to buy a house, your TV license, or in this case your campervan holiday. They put less strain on your wallet as it isn’t one huge chunk of money leaving your account at once. Think of it kind of like a mortgage – many people will make a deposit and then a smaller payment every month. This is how our camper van monthly payments work, except on a smaller scale (obviously!) 

Who benefits from payment plans? 

Loads of people benefit! People from all walks of life choose to use a payment plan, regardless of budget, because for them it’s more convenient than one payment. 
Of course, it’s not always just about convenience. For some, monthly payments are the only way they can travel. If you’re concerned about the other costs of campervanning, we also have a Fuel Calculator that will tell you the exact price for fuel depending on your route. Our routes vary in length, from the highest point of Highland Scotland to the close-to-home Bickerton Poacher, so if that’s a worry, we can help you choose a route with fewer stops but loads of activities, so you can spend longer in one location. 
And if you’re still thinking about budget, feel free to get in touch with us. There are many ways to save on campervan holidays, from food to activities, and we’re more than happy to give you some pointers – we’ve seen it all! 

How do I use a payment plan? 

Although they seem complicated, personalized payment plans are a straightforward procedure. After you let us know that you’d like one during booking, simply answer a few questions and we’ll create a payment plan that considers how long it is until you travel and how much you’ll be paying in each installment. If you want to only pay a small amount per month (relative to your full cost) you’ll need to book further in advance, obviously. Then all you need to do is make the correct payments and before you know it, it’s departure day and we’re taking you through the handover at CamperHoliday HQ! Simple as that! 
You’ll be able to use a payment plan from 2023 – if you want to know more, or have questions that weren’t answered here, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email. 
Happy campervanning! 
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