What are the best road trips to take in the UK? We’re sure you already know about the North Coast 500, Scotland’s answer to Route 66, but what if you’d rather go somewhere a bit different? Look no further than our themed routes, inspired by film and television! 
Choose one of our three themed routes and allow us to whisk you around the country on a breath-taking trip to see all your favourite behind-the-scenes places. Read on to learn more about our themed routes, and to have all your burning questions answered! 

Film themed road trips 

Unlike our normal routes, which focus on location, our themed routes are inspired by film and television. Normally we choose the locations first and add in activities later, but our themed routes turn this concept on its head. 
We’ve worked hard to create routes that let you experience as much of the behind-the-scenes magic as possible, while keeping the journey flowing nicely. For our Bridgerton route this wasn’t an issue, since the majority of filming took place in Bath, but there’s no way we could map a James Bond route that visits every filming site without the route being longer than War and Peace! 
That said, if there’s a specific film you want to base your holiday around and you need help with it, we are always happy to give you some assistance! 

Themed campervan routes in the UK 

We offer a variety of themed routes on our website, and we’re always adding new things. Our most recent addition takes you all around the south of England to visit the gorgeous places that served as the backdrop to the delightfully dramatic Bridgerton. Fans can relive their favourite moments from the show, from proposals to balls – but we don’t recommend tripping over a dog and falling into a lake, as Anthony did in Season 2! 
Another popular route of ours whisks you away on a magical journey to Highland Scotland to see where the Harry Potter films were made. Because of the franchise’s global success, there is no shortage of official fan experiences, so your itinerary will be jam-packed with things to be getting up to. 
Last, but by no means least, is our James Bond route. Your campervan will feel like an Aston Martin as you visit some of Scotland’s most beautiful places – not even the big screen do them justice! 
All we ask is that you refrain from performing stunts in the van… 

Why you should choose a themed route for your next camper van holiday. 

To kick things off, they are a good compromise for families. It can be difficult to keep kids on task at the best of times - if they aren’t fully engaged in the activity, you can be sure that they’ll start misbehaving out of boredom! And while parents don’t want to spend ten days standing around at playgrounds, children don’t see the appeal in spending a fortnight in France to see historic cathedrals. 
Going on a holiday with a theme means parents can enjoy the holiday just as much as their children, and keep fidgeting children engaged, excited and actively contributing! 
Everyone knows what it’s like to put all the effort into booking a holiday and making plans, only to be stumped once you arrive because what is there to do? 
That’s a non-issue when you take a themed route since they are designed around the activities rather than the location! So, if you’re wanting a bit more direction and structure during your trip, consider a themed route. 
Finally, it’s a lot of fun for fans! And if you cosplay, this is a golden opportunity to bring along your best outfits and the camera to have the photoshoot of your life! 
Convinced yet? Thought so!  
Don't forget that if you have any queries or would like to book a themed holiday for yourself, our inbox is always open! 
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