Compared to conventional holidays, campervans are a very different experience. No room service, no pool, and no way to take a luxurious 45-minute shower – for some people this is too much work! But a campervan trip is a unique, rewarding adventure, one that will have you wishing you could stay outdoors in the campsites forever. Campervans really let you have your cake and eat it too! 
So as we all think ahead to our next holiday, whether a October half term break, winter escapr or a summer campervan adventure, we’ve created a list of 3 benefits of hiring a campervan. 

Campervans are comfortable 

Lots of people are averse to campervan holidays because they remember going on camping holidays as a kid. The freezing toes, deflating airbeds, and next to no privacy isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. Luckily, a campervan is none of these things! 
You’ll be toasty warm in our insulated vans, even if you travel in the dead of winter. We provide you with a diesel and electric heater if you need to use them, but most of the time your own body heat is the most efficient way to heat such a small space. And as you’ll be sleeping in a proper bed as opposed to a hastily inflated air bed six inches off the cold ground, you won’t be losing most of the warmth to the grass - if anything, you might need to open a window or two! 
Campervans also offer a higher level of privacy compared to a tent. It’s much harder to eavesdrop through insulated metal walls than a thin nylon tent, after all, and it goes both ways – if other patrons are being noisy late at night, you won’t hear it so loudly. 
Finally, there’s the comfort in knowing the van is secure. If you go on a walk near your campsite, a click of your car keys will protect all your belongings until you return. Far better than a flimsy tent zip! 

Freedom to explore 

With portable accommodation, there’s no limit on where you can go. If you arrive at your destination and realise it isn’t your cup of tea, moving is as simple as driving away again! Conversely, if you fall in love with a place that was only meant to be a brief stop, nothing prevents you from just staying there instead. A campervan adventure is ideal for those of us that can’t pick between a few destinations, or people who like variety in their holidays! 
We have a variety of routes on our website for you to pick from, but if you’re looking for something different don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’ll do our best to help you and make your dream holiday and reality. 

Cost to hire a campervan - more affordable than you think! 

While more expensive than tent camping, a campervan holiday is far more convenient & comfortable, while being much cheaper than many conventional holidays. Take a look at our prices and availability page to see our rates throughout the year, and when our vans are available to book. 
If your budget is tight, you can make full use of our lower off-season rates and travel during the winter! This saves even more money as many tourist places have cheaper winter prices too! With some smart planning and good timing, you can have a luxurious campervan holiday for a fraction of a normal holiday price! 
One final point: we know ticket prices and entry fees can add up, so our routes have a good selection of free-to-visit places too. That said, if you need more ideas on things to do and can’t find any good spots with your own research, get in contact with us and we’ll see what we can do! 
Hopefully this post has assuaged your campervan concerns and encouraged you to look further into a holiday rental! Our website is full of information about campervan hire and holidays in general if you want to find out more – and don’t forget that we’re always available to answer any of your queries if need be! 
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