Our camper van holiday tribe

Adventure runs thick in our campervans, and in our veins too. 

In the last week or so Fred our most recent campervan went out on an epic, fun filled journey with three friends. 
They set out with a plan that was already amazing: on day one they drove to Scotland, summited a peak on the Ben Nevis range, saw the viaduct of Harry Potter fame and saw a famous Scottish castle and got to the Kyle of Lockalsh which is the bridge to Skye.  
By Day 3 their ambitions had increased and they decided to take on the NC500. 
It was lovely to see the teamwork. They shared the driving, planned the route and knew where they were stopping along the way and, as a result, were cramming a lot in. 
This Terrific Threesome brought back so many memories of my own adventures with my own girls from university.  
And it made me stop, pause and reflect about what life is all about, about what CamperHoliday is all about. 
This is my Terrific Threesome: me, Sal and Em. 
We were lucky at university because Sally had her own car, a little red Peugeot 206 which carried us literally the length and breadth of Wales.  
We wild camped from the back of that car, showering in freezing cold rivers, climbing castles and mountains. As soon as we got back, we’d plan where we were headed next. 
Between us we had it all: a vehicle, map reading skills, camping skills, a passion for all things Welsh and a plan of action. No social media and no mobile phones, just cameras with 35mm films. And we had Erasure to sing along to as well.....we still sing a long to Erasure even now, here we are doing just that at Delamere Forest! 
Since then, and despite our life stages not coinciding at all, we have travelled the UK and Europe together, got stuck in airports together, lived all kinds of experiences and created all kinds of magical memories together. Wherever we go, we see stuff and we explore……it’s an unwritten rule, we belong to the tribe of Adventurers. 
And that Terrific Three who recently took Fred on a whistlestop tour of the NC500 are part of that same tribe of Adventurers, despite there being at least 20 years between us. (I also know of others in the Tribe of Adventurers who are 20 years my senior too and I hope to be one of them when I’m their age too!) 
In watching those lassies tour Scotland via Instagram, and then pulling out the photo albums and reminiscing about all the journeys that Sal, Em and I have shared came the dawning realisation that CamperHoliday is all about expanding The Adventurers Tribe by creating Our Adventurers Tribe. 
We’re here to help plan the routes, to provide vehicles that are safe, to send people off feeling confident that they know what they are doing in using the vans. We are welcoming them into Our Adventurer Tribe and fuelling their ambition for more adventure, giving them the tools to create epic adventures and awesome memories. 
So now when I think about where CamperHoliday all began, it turns out it was over 20 years ago, with my Terrific Three crammed into a little red Peugeot 206, singing along to 'A Little Respect' somewhere on route to Wales, France or Brussels. 
May the fun and adventures keep on rolling.  
And may Our Adventurers Tribe keep on growing, learning and making mischief. 
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