What happens when your booking gets cancelled due to Covid? 

Nobody likes to wade through terms and conditions so here's our policy in plain English, with some tips for making a booking that is less likely to be impacted. 
No matter your struggle our first call is to help so, please, call as soon as you think that you are going to struggle to travel – 01606 614614. 
Our customers are more like family to us and we want to help. 
Our normal policies 
When you book with us you’ll find us super flexible and happy to accommodate date changes or cancellations on your booking up to three weeks before your date of travel. 
If you have chosen one of our discounted, non-refundable deals then we regret that we cannot offer a refund, however, we shall be more than happy to change your travel dates as many times as you request, with no admin charge. Your booking confirmation will confirm whether you have paid for a non-refundable deal so do check the confirmation that we sent to you at the time of booking. 
Our additional covid policies 
In addition, if you find yourself 
- with a positive covid test; 
- being asked to isolate by track and trace; or 
- in a lockdown postcode 
then we’ll change your booking right up to the day of booking or provide you with a refund. As above, refunds cannot be given on non-refundable deals. 
Like all of our friends in the hospitality industry, we are operating in a tough environment so we may ask to see evidence of your test result or a track and trace screenshot advising you to isolate. Please don’t be offended by this – we may need the information to access the limited government support that has been made available to the hospitality industry. 
Top tips for booking your 2021 staycation 
It’s all so uncertain out there at the moment and everyone is edging their bets about when lockdown will ease because I think we all want to get away as soon as possible, get out of the four walls that we’ve been living in for a very long time. 
There are two things that we are advising our customers to do at the moment: 
1) Book for later in the year. The tail end of the year is looking busier and busier so reserve your spot now, we think it will be easier to bring your booking forward than push it later. 
Remember – we don’t charge for date changes. 
2) Probably the biggest tip is get planning! Know where you want to go, know which campsites you want to go so that the minute Boris announces how lockdowns shall ease you can hit go on making your bookings. Trust us it’s going to be busy and those who are first out the blocks will be the ones with the smoothest and best experience. 
We will be running a road trip planning competitions, starting in February, in The CamperHoliday Clubhouse to help you all with your planning – it's open to everyone, no membership fee so click on the link and join us there for some lockdown fun and banter. 
Or check out our availability using the online booking calendar. 
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