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Covid safe travel the CamperHoliday way 

Here at CamperHoliday it feels like all we've ever known is how to operate in a pandemic! Staff and guest safety have been paramount for us throughout the pandemic and we've realised two things now: 
1) We'll always be operating like this now. SARS- Covid 19 isn't the only virus that swept around the globe in recent years and nor do we think it will be the last. With luck future viruses won't be so severe; but with robust health and safety processes and improved building design we should all be planning to be able to operate when future pandemics hit. 
2) We don't shout about our safety procedures. They've become so normal to us that we just don't think to talk about it. What we've realised is that with government messaging increasingly sounding like 'manage your own risk' we need to talk about it so that we can help customers to understand how we can help them to manage their risk when travelling with us and, by so doing, some things that they might want to consider on any other adventures that they are embarking on too!  

Site Hygiene 

This is all the basic stuff - we have hand sanitiser around the site and encourage customers to use it as they come to collect the van; the dispensers are positioned near where we hand over the vans as well as at the entrance to the office to encourage staff to sanitise each time the come in and out of the office. 
There is normally no need for customers to come into the office as we hand the vans over outside if it's fair weather or from inside the open fronted shed if it's either raining or very sunny. Much more covid secure. 
When we do the handover staff won't get in the van and show you how things work. Instead we prefer that you, the customer, get in the van and we direct you on how everything works. Not only does this mean that the only person to have touched anything is you but we actually think it helps enormously in making sure customers are confident in swivelling the passenger seat, popping the pop top roof, putting the bed flat and so on. Two birds, one stone and all that. 

Van hygiene 

This is a biggie for us. 
Every van is professionally cleaned by our outsourced cleaning company - inside and out, top to bottom. 
One of the team then QA's the clean to make sure that nothing has been missed. The cleaning check list has over 120 items on it from seat belt buckles to seat adjusters but the QA ensures that everything has been cleaned to the standard that we expect for our customers. 
Once all that has been done we then use a 'fogging' machine to sterilise the inside of the van for at least the recommended minimum 20 minutes. We pop the roof, open cupboard doors and let the fogging machine do it's work. The machine emits an invisible gas that dissipates throughout the van and this gas has been proven to kill bacteria and viruses including Covid-19.  
How do we know it's worked I hear you ask?? Whilst the gas is invisible and leaves no dust behind, it does leave a smell behind. So when we open the van after it's been 'fogged' you can smell what people normally describe as a swimming pool smell which is because swimming pools are increasingly using this gas as they try to reduce reliance on more toxic chlorine. Clever stuff, eh?  
Finally, we send a lot of contents out with our vans: cutlery, TV, card games, windscreen covers, cleaning caddy, waste bin, camping chairs,'s a long list. And we do this because we want our customers to just pack clothes, shoes, bedding and towels and a tea towel; we want it to be a really easy customer experience for them. So we consciously decided at the beginning of the pandemic that we would continue to do this and, in addition to cleaning all these items, we would also increase stock holding so that the stock can be rotated. What this means is that every single item of contents in the van has not been used by a previous customer for at least 10 days. 

Whilst you are away 

So the van is a sterile environment when you collect it and throughout your adventure it becomes your CamperBubble - we think is quite a cute little image. 
You will, at some point in 2022, be a welcome visitor in France and you can load the van up, drive it onto the Eurotunnel train at Folkestone and 35 minutes later you drive off in Calais. You never have to leave your vehicle the entire journey, although there are toilets on board. And better still, for the dog lovers amongst you, you can stay with your dog throughout the journey and, better still, there are dedicated dog walking areas at both Folkestone and Calais so the dog can also spend a penny before boarding. 
You'll find bottles of hand sanitiser throughout the van, including in the box of card games. It's yours to use throughout your adventure, all we ask is that you leave the bottle so we can refill it for a future customer. 
But please also remember, especially if you are travelling to far flung places, that medical resources are much more scarce in remote parts of the UK. It can be a 2 hour journey or an air ambulance journey for some Scottish residents to get to hospital. It makes a material difference to the quality of care that medical staff can give if they are over burdened so when heading off onto adventures please go prepared for the climate and the environments that you are heading into to reduce as far as possible the liklihood that you will need either rescue or medical attention. 
Check out the mountain rescue website and RNLI website for helpful safety advice and always check the met office for the forecast and warning just before you embark on any adventure both on land and on water. 
Remember too that the covid rules are different in England, Wales and Scotland - so even if you don't need a mask at home be sure to take one as you may need it elsewhere. 

What's to do in a CamperBubble? 

This blog could go on for a very loooong time on this subject! I think the better question is what's not to do! But in covid times, lets concentrate on the UK. 
If adventure is your thing then the Scottish Highlands make their own snow these days to mix with the natural stuff and few people outside of Scotland realise that there is more than one ski resort to choose from - take your pick here! 
Water sports from kite surfing to stand up paddle boarding, surfing to kayaking - literally the length and breadth of our island. 
For the wine tourists amongst you can plan a tour of our English vineyards whilst also making plans to divert to French vineyards 
when covid rules once again permit you to travel there.  
We have pre-planned James Bond and Harry Potter routes for you to explore if you are a film buff and we are looking forward to releasing a European version of the James Bond route too. 
As a dog lover as well as a van lover one of my favourite things to do is precisely nothing. A long dog walk in the morning to wear the dog out and then cuddle up in the van, just me the dog, a good view and a good book. 
Escaping in a van is a also a good time for some reflection. To make business and personal plans for the period ahead, to meditate and set some priorities.  

When can I go?! 

Great, we've sparked your enthusiasm! 
The good news is that we are open all year round so you can be ski-ing in Scotland in February and surfing in Wales in, freedom and adventure all on our doorstep. 
You can see our availability and book online or if you fancy a chat you'll find we are always happy to answer any questions so get in touch now, or give us a call on 01606 614 614. 
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